10 Highly-Rated Women’s Hiking Skirts (2023)

Are skirts a part of your everyday wardrobe? If so, I’ve got news for you. There are hiking skirts that you can wear on the trails, too. 

Many hikers love to wear hiking skirts (or skorts). They have many benefits, from style to breeziness to breathability, and more. 

In this article, you’ll find the benefits of hiking in a skirt. We’re also sharing 10 top-rated hiking skirts that will make a great addition to your hiking wardrobe.  

Are Skirts Good for Hiking?

Yes, skirts can be great for hiking! If you love to wear skirts day-to-day, I think you’ll be happy to know about skirts made specifically for hiking. 

Skirts for hiking provide a fun flow to your outfit. Additionally, they provide greater range of motion, as well as enhanced breathability and air flow.

Woman in Hiking Skort on Rock

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Plus, you don’t even have to worry about outfit malfunctions when hiking in a skirt. You can pair them with shorts or leggings for more coverage.

Liking hiking dresses, there is a range of hiking skirts. There are long skirts, insulated skirts for winter, skorts, short skirts, and everything in between.

How Do You Wear a Skirt for Hiking?

This depends on the type of skirt you choose and the weather on the trail.  Also, consider how much or how little coverage you want for your outfit.

If it’s chilly out, you can wear hiking leggings as a base layer under your skirt. Or if you need more coverage, wear shorts underneath.

hiking backpack forest

If you don’t want a separate pair of shorts, look for hiking skirts with a liner. Most hiking skirts come with a liner due to the mechanics of hiking.

If it’s wintertime, you can wear winter hiking leggings with a skirt. Some winter hiking skirts are made of fleece and feel like a blanket for your legs.

How to Choose the Best Hiking Skirt

There are a few things to consider when picking out a hiking skirt. Weather, comfort and trail conditions can all factor into this decision. Additionally:

  • Liner
  • Fit and material
  • Pockets
  • Style

Most hiking skirts come with a liner, but not all of them do. For windy days or when hiking strenuous trails, a liner or skort is highly recommended.

Next, consider the fit and material. A lighter material is best for warm days. Additionally, some materials are better for outdoor adventures than others.

Woman Hiking - Best Hiking Bras

For warm days, a material blend like polyester, nylon and/or spandex is appropriate. For cooler weather, try a merino wool or fleece hiking skirt.

Next, consider pockets. Pockets can be essential when hiking to hold snacks, your keys or your phone. Some skirts have large pockets, but some have none.

hiking dress

Last, but not least, style. A long, flowy skirt is not ideal for hiking. You don’t want your clothing snagging on flora or tripping you up on boulders and roots.

Because of this, you won’t see many long or flowy skirts marketed for outdoor activities. Most hiking skirts are slim and have little movement.

Best Women’s Hiking Skirts

Here’s our list of the best hiking skirts with top ratings that we think you will love. We looked at all kinds of skirts and compiled our favorites.

You’ll find stretchy, soft activewear skirts here. You’ll also find skirts with more form and fashion that can go from the trail to town. Let’s dive in.

#1: BALEAF Women’s Athletic Skort

The BALEAF women’s athletic skirt is a top pick for hiking, especially in warmer weather. This skirt has many things to love like pockets and mesh.

This hiking skirt comes in 20 colors with sizes from XS to XXL. This skirt sits mid-thigh and is stretchy, breathable and comfortable.

More of a skort, the BALEAF women’s athletic skirt has a shorts liner made of mesh. This material is perfect for breathability with full coverage.

The skort liner has a pocket on each leg that’s ideal for carrying your cell phone, keys or even a few snacks. It also helps prevent chafing.

The material of this skirt wicks away sweat to help you stay dry and cool. The mesh liner material enhances air flow for hiking on hot days.

It has a wide elastic waistband with an internal drawcord. So, even though it comes in many sizes, the drawcord will help you find a perfect fit.

#2: Patagonia Fleetwith Skort

REI Fleetwith Skort

For a more relaxed look on the trails, look to the Patagonia Fleetwith skort. It comes in 4 colors and 5 sizes. It also has plenty of pockets.

This skort is made from a super stretchy recycled polyester and spandex material on both the inner and outer layers. It’s absolutely perfect for comfort.

The Patagonia skort is ideal for hiking, summer bike rides, outdoor sports and much more. The full coverage of the inner shorts makes this skort so versatile.

This skort is moisture wicking, and it has a water repellant treatment for wet days. The faux-wrap front is perfect for high or long steps while hiking.

There are two front zippered drop-in pockets to keep your belongings secure. Additionally, a concealed inside pocket can stash your keys and your cash.

This skirt has an elastic waistband that is cozy and stretchy. It also features a drawstring for a snug fit, making it the perfect choice for many hikers.

#3: Columbia Chill River Skort

Columbia Chill River Skort

The Columbia Chill River Skort is perfect for those days when you can’t decide on a skirt or shorts. The relaxed fit is just right for leisurely hikes.

This skort comes in black and is available in sizes XS to XL. Plus, it has an elastic waistband with a drawstring for a customized, secure fit.

This Columbia hiking skirt is classified as “active fit,” which means it’s slim without being body-tight. It sits mid-thigh and has little movement, but it isn’t stiff.

This skort has two hand pockets on each side for snacks and small items. For items you need to keep secure, it has a zippered pocket on the back.

The Columbia Chill River Skort is perfect for warm days due to the material. The “Omni-Freeze” skort lining releases heat to keep you cool all day.

Additionally, the exterior of the skirt is water resistant with a water repellent coating. The fabric is a lightweight polyester and elastane blend.

#4: Dream On Skort

Dream On Skort

The Dream On Skort from Title Nine is perfect for hiking, days at the beach, and more. It comes in solids and prints and is so cute, too.

This skort sits mid-thigh and it comes in sizes from XS to XL. You can choose from 4 solid colors and 2 fun prints for a skort that matches your personality.

This skirt has it all: style, function, a cute fit. Plus, pockets, pockets, and more pockets. It’s also comfortable and allows for easy movement.

The Title Nine Dream On Skort has two hand pockets on the exterior for snacks and loose items. The skort lining has a pocket on each leg, too.

This skort is made from a microfiber polyester and spandex blend. That means it’s soft, stretchy, comfortable, breathable and water resistant.

These are all qualities you want in a great hiking skirt. This skirt is cute and feminine, yet the skort allows you total freedom of movement.

#5: Big B Skort

Big B Skort from Title Nine

Do you want a skirt that looks less athletic and more like an every day item? If so, the Big B Skort from Title Nine is just what you want.

This skirt comes in sizes from 2 to 14 and 5 fun colors that are perfect for spring and summer. The best part: it doesn’t look like activewear.

The Big B Skort is made from a ripstop exterior material that looks like an everyday skirt. However, underneath is a built-in boy short that’s perfect for hiking.

This skirt has a mid-rise, buttoned waistband and it sits mid-thigh. It’s not stretchy like the other skirts, so pay close attention to sizing with this one.

If you want pockets, this skort has not two, not four… but six pockets. From drop-in pockets to secure zippered pockets, it has them all.

The Big B Skort is perfect to go from the trail to the kayak and then right to brunch or lunch. It pairs well with any shirt and shoes, too.

#6: Outdoor Research Ferrosi Skort

Outdoor Research Ferrosi Skort

Looking for a cozy, comfy hiking skirt that pairs perfectly with your favorite hiking sandals? Look no further than the Outdoor Research Ferrosi Skort.

This skirt comes in 4 different colors and is available in sizes XS to L. This no-frills skirt is perfect for hiking, backpacking, biking, and more.

It may be casual, but this skirt means serious business on the trail. It’s made from a nylon and spandex blend with a lightweight skort underneath.

Plus, it has an elastic waistband with a drawstring for a snug fit. To keep your items secure, this skirt has a zippered thigh pocket.

Additionally, it has two drop-in exterior hand pockets on either side. The zippered pocket, liner and drawstring make this a perfect hiking skirt.

This skirt is best suited for warm days on the trail. This skirt is also made from a ripstop material. No worries about holes from snagging on branches!

#7: Stoic Skort

Stoic Hiking Skirt

If you want color, fashion and function, check out the Stoic Skort from Backcountry. Get it in purple, green, blue or black in sizes XS to XL.

This skort is adorable and the description is just as cute. Backcountry says: “Active skort for trail jaunts and hammock naps” – sounds about right!

This skort is stretchy and made from a lightweight fabric that wicks away moisture and dries quickly. The material is a soft nylon and spandex blend.

Since this is a skirt made for the outdoors, it has a lightweight skort liner underneath. It has two zippered pockets for keeping your essentials safe.

This skort pairs just as well with your favorite hiking sandals as it does with your bulkiest hiking boots. It also allows for a full range of motion.

No worries about rugged trails with this skirt: it stretches as you move and step over obstacles. Plus, it’s sweat wicking and rain-resistant, too.

#8: Purple Rain Adventure Skirt

Purple Rain Adventure Skirt

The Purple Rain Adventure Skirt is handmade by hikers for hikers. This skirt is eco-friendly, super comfortable, and perfect for the trail.

An Appalachian Trail thru-hiker wanted a hiking skirt, but couldn’t find the perfect one. So, she made it herself, much to the delight of the thru-hiking community.

This skirt is made from 100% recycled materials and comes in sizes from XS to XXL. This is a longer length, high-waisted skirt that sits just above the knee.

There are two pockets on each side – or so you’d think. But each pocket hides a second pocket, so this skirt has four pockets overall.

The wide, high-rise waistband is made from a woven wool material. This waistband wicks sweat, is moisture-resistant, and it won’t slip down.

This long skirt is lightweight and dries in a flash, too. The material is a polyester and spandex blend with a water repellent finish – great for any weather.

#9: Eddie Bauer Adventurer 2.0 Skort

The Eddie Bauer Adventurer Skort is another great option if you want more form to your skirt. This skort doesn’t look like activewear, but it is.

This skirt is built for “trek and travel” with an interior knit shorts liner, a water repellent finish, plenty of pockets, and more.

It comes in 8 different colors and it’s available in sizes from women’s 4 to 16. Since it has a button waistband, sizing is important with this one.

This skirt has two pockets on front, two on back, and hip belt loops if you want to dress it up a little. It can easily go from the trail to the water to brunch!

The material is a blend of polyester and spandex. Although it looks more stiff than some of the others, it has a good amount of stretch to it, too.

The interior skort lining is made of a polyester mesh. The mesh is perfect for cool breezes on warm weather days, making this a great summer hiking skirt.

#10: Mountain Hardwear Dynama Skort

Mountain Hardwear Dynama Skort

Last but not least, the Mountain Hardwear Dynama Skort is functional, fashionable, comfortable and practical, too.

This skort comes in 3 colors and is available in sizes from extra small to large. It’s made of the same stretch fabric you’ll find in activewear leggings.

This stretchy, soft fabric is breathable, moisture wicking and water resistant. The exterior of the skirt has a water repellent finish, too.

The waistband of this skirt is a flat, wide, stretchy waistband. It’s comfortable and won’t slip, even with strenuous hiking.

This skort has 2 side hand pockets, 1 reverse-entry back pocket, and a hidden liner pocket on the right thigh.

The Mountain Hardwear Dynama Skort is mid-rise on your waist and mid-length, sitting at mid-thigh. As a bonus, this skort pairs well with everything!