At Shenandoah National Park, Hike to Little Stony Man Cliffs & Stony Man Summit

While scenic views abound across Shenandoah National Park, it’s hard to beat the two-for-one deal you get on this 3-mile out-and-back hike.

Hikers can revel in vistas at both Little Stony Man Cliffs and Stony Man Summit. Honestly, the views are among the very best in the entire park.

Little Stony Man Spur Trail

Little Stony Man Cliffs

Arrive early for a parking space at the Little Stony Man Trailhead at milepost 39.1. There are eight parking spots at this small lot on the west side of Skyline Drive.

A large trail map highlights a shorter and a longer hike option. Then, head up the steps along a short spur trail that connects with the Appalachian Trail.

Little Stony Many Parking Area

In less than two-thirds mile, you’ll climb 190 feet to reach Little Stony Man Cliffs. It’s hard not to be awe-stricken by the sweeping views.

The rocky outcroppings are plentiful, so take a seat and savor the views. Several shallow pools that fill with rainwater are just right for a splash.

Little Stony Man Cliffs Pool

As you continue along, you’ll reach the intersection with the Passamaquoddy Trail, which descends into the valley. Stay to your left to keep on the Appalachian Trail.

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You’ll be guided along a lush, forested trail. You may even be welcomed by tender yellow wildflowers in bloom that flank either side of this section of trail.

Stony Man Wildflowers

Just over one mile into the hike you will reach a four-way intersection. From here, turn right to navigate up the moderate incline.

The trail will fork once or twice, but both routes meander along to the rocky summit.

Stony Man Summit Sign

You will soon reach a navigational sign for the Stony Man Summit. From this point onward, dogs are strictly forbidden (as are horses).

Stony Man

You’re mere steps from the rocky outcropping that boasts breathtaking vistas. The rocks are not challenging to navigate, but watch your step and stay fleet of feet.

Stony Man Summit Views

Re-trace your steps to the parking area. Once you reach the four-way intersection, turn left to remain on the Appalachian Trail and navigate back to the parking area.

Keep your eyes open. You may see a gentle fawn nestled into tall grass or a scampering baby black bear like my kids and I did when we hiked this trail.

Hiding Fawn

Hike Options

For a 4-mile hike, take the Passamaquoddy Trail just past Little Stony Man Cliffs. You’ll descend into the valley before connecting with the Furnace Spring Trail.

Turn left onto the AT, then turn left at the four-way intersection to ascend Stony Man. From here, return to the four-way stop, then turn left for the parking area.

Little Stony Man Cliffs-Rock Scramble

For a shorter hike, walk 0.65-mile to Little Stony Man Cliffs for a snack and water break before turning around to return to the parking lot.

After the Hike

Drive south on Skyline Drive until you reach the exit for Skyland just past milepost 41. Enjoy sit-down dining in the Pollock Dining Room.

In the lobby, you’ll also find convenience-style dining with grab-and-go sandwiches, snacks and drinks.