65 Best Hiking Gifts for Every Hiker on Your List

For the person in your life who loves hiking, finding the perfect hiking gifts can be challenging. Fortunately, there are lots of fun and practical options they will love.

Just for you (and your favorite gift-receivers) I’ve rounded up the very best hiking gift ideas for every hiker on your list – guys, gals, pets, kids. They’re all covered.

Hiking Gear

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From camping gear to tech gear and much more, these gifts will wow the outdoor-lover in your life. Even better, they’ll be well-prepared on the hiking trails.

To make it easy for you to navigate, I’ve grouped hiker gifts by hiker and gift types:

Hiking Stocking Stuffers

Gifts for Hikers Under $25

Gifts for New Hikers

Hiking Gifts for Her

Hiking Gifts for Him

Hiking Gifts for Kids

Hiking Gifts for Dogs

Winter Hiking Gifts

Gifts for Backpackers

Get ready to gear up your hiking giftee so they can get out on the hiking trails. Eyes will light up and you will be lauded for your remarkable gift-choosing prowess!

Hiking Stocking Stuffers

Need stocking stuffers for the hikers on your list? From gift cards to handy essential hiking gear, these items make great (and useful) stocking stuffers.

REI Gift Card

An REI gift card makes the perfect stocking stuffer for any and every outdoor enthusiast. Use REI gift cards in-store or online on outdoor gear purchases.

Happy Holidays REI Gift Card

REI stands for Recreational Equipment, Inc. and they truly live up to their name. They carry top brand names for everything outdoors.

From hiking to backpacking, tent camping and more. Any outdoor enthusiast will be thrilled with an REI gift card. I know I would be.

National Parks Pass

A National Parks Pass, also called the America the Beautiful Pass, is a gift that keeps on giving. The pass is only $80 and grants entry to 21,000+ miles of trails.

America the Beautiful National Parks Pass

The passholder is allowed free entry into any National Park Service-managed unit for a full year. This includes all national parks, lakeshores, historic sites and more.

Know a hiker who loves to travel? The America the Beautiful Pass is a great choice. It’s hard to beat. Speaking of which, mine just expired. I’m ready for a new one!


If you’re looking for unique and useful hiking stocking stuffers, a spork is a quick and easy option that has plenty of uses.

SporkHikers can’t carry around the entire silverware drawer. They also don’t want to pack single-use utensils. A reusable spork with a bottle opener is handy.

This spork is made out of titanium so it’s durable and long-lasting, yet incredibly lightweight. It includes a reusable and washable case to keep it clean, too.

Eyewear Accessory Pouch

For your favorite hiker or backpacker who wears glasses, consider an eyewear accessory pouch, like this one that looks like a sleeping bag.  

Eyewear Accessory Pouch

When backpacking, in particular, there’s always the question of where to safely stow your glasses or sunglasses. You don’t want them to scratch or break.

This cozy, polyester pouch is perfect for storage. As a bonus, a paracord loop lets you attach the zip-close pouch to your daypack or belt loop.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

A LifeStraw makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the hiking enthusiast. You need clean water on a hike, but you don’t always have the room to carry it.

LifeStraw Personal Water FilterThe LifeStraw is a personal water filter that removes 99.999999% of waterborne bacteria. This makes almost any water source on the trail drinkable!

One LifeStraw will filter up to 1,000 gallons of water — meaning it will last an incredibly long time. This device is perfect for hiking and backpacking.

Blister Prevention Cream

Blisters can be a natural part of hiking, especially when you’re a beginner hiker or are breaking in new hiking boots or trail runners.

HikeGoo Blister Prevention Cream

Thankfully, HikeGoo to the rescue. This cream creates a friction-free layer between your skin and your sock to protect your feet from painful blisters.

As a bonus, HikeGoo works in both wet and dry conditions, so there’s no need to worry if your favorite hiker will be splashing in creeks on a day hike.

Outdoor Cleansing Wipes

These Combat Wipes make the perfect stocking stuffer for the active hiker. These biodegradable and extra thick cleansing wipes are like a shower in a package.

Outdoor Cleansing WipesThey are perfect for cleaning up after a hike, washing your hands before lunchtime or for an end-of-the-day wipe down before snuggling up in a sleeping bag.

These aren’t your average wipes, either. At 7.1” by 8.3”, one large wipe goes a long way. These aloe and Vitamin E wipes a good choice for sensitive skin, too.

Hike Journal

What better way to mark a hike than with a hiking journal? This pocket-sized journal is a great stocking stuffer that will fit into any hiking backpack or day pack.

Hike JournalEach section of this hiking journal has an area to record details of the hike and a spot for notes (or photos) to bring the memory back to life.

This 48-page journal has 20 entry pages and 8 bonus pages of checklists, bucket lists, and other fun information.

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

If you know a hiker who constantly has cold hands and fingers, this rechargeable hand warmer with three temperature levels is the perfect stocking stuffer.

Rechargeable Hand WarmerThis rechargeable hand warmer has a 5200mAh battery. It functions as a hand warmer and a portable charging station. Even better, it’s small and lightweight.

It stays hot for 4-8 hours depending on heat level. Finally, it reaches a full charge in a quick three hours and can double as a phone charger while hiking on the trail.

Beanie Hat with Light

A rechargeable all-in-one beanie and headlamp makes a great stocking stuffer. It comes in 19 colors and the light lasts for up to eight hours of continuous use.

Beanie Hat with LightThis beanie and headlamp combo is perfect for crisp evenings and early morning hours. Even better, it eliminates the need to fumble with a headlamp.

This lighted beanie is made from an ultra-soft acrylic blend that provides excellent insulation. The hat contains four bulbs with three adjustable brightness settings.

LED Flashlight Gloves

LED flashlight gloves are another great lighted stocking stuffer. Built-in LED flashlights are perfect for hands-free illumination while on the trail.

LED Flashlight GlovesEach glove has a light on the index finger and thumb to provide light right where you need it without having to fumble with a flashlight or aiming your headlamp.

The gloves come with button batteries that are easily replaceable. Batteries last up to 30 hours each to ensure many well-lit hiking adventures.

Emergency Paracord Bracelets

Emergency paracord bracelets are fashionable, functional and can really come in handy in an emergency. These make great stocking stuffers for any hiker.

Emergency Paracord BraceletsThey don’t even have to be worn on the wrist. Paracord bracelets can easily be clipped onto any hiking backpack or stored away in a pocket.

These bracelets come in a set of two and each one has a compass, a whistle, a flint firestarter and a length of woven paracord to be used in emergencies.

Gifts for Hikers Under $25

These hiking gifts under $25 are perfect for any hiker in your life. The best hiking gifts are practical and durable. All of these fit the bill — all while on a budget!

Hiking Poles

Do you know someone who loves to find they perfect hiking stick? They’ll love their very own set of hiking poles! These are durable, lightweight and adjustable.

Hiking PolesThese hiking poles are perfect for beginners, kids and anyone seeking extra stability on the trail. These poles have ergonomic hand grips for all-day comfort.

They’re made of lightweight aluminum that makes them a breeze to bring along. An anti-shock feature helps stave off shoulder fatigue on a long hike.

Camping Mug

It’s hard to get better than a durable, insulated camping mug that keeps your hot coffee hot and your cold soda cold.

REI Insulated Camping Mug

This is a great mug to bring camping or backpacking when you just want to sit around a campfire with a warm toasty mug of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your beverages hot or cold for hours. As a bonus, this mug also fits in many car cup holders.

Hiking Daypack

A new hiking daypack is the perfect gift for any hiking enthusiast! This daypack comes in 11 different colors. It’s also attractive, super functional and under $25.

Hiking DaybackFeatures include a 40L capacity, an interior waterproof pocket, multiple interior compartments for easy organization, exterior side mesh pockets and more.

This durable water-resistant and tear-resistant daypack also has padded shoulder straps, a chest strap with a whistle and heavy-duty zippers.

Wide Brim Sun Hat

A wide brim sun hat is the perfect head accessory for the trail. This hat not only keeps sun out of your eyes, it keeps it off your entire face and neck.

This hiking hat comes in 10 different colors and has a chin strap so it won’t blow off on windy days. The strap lets you hold the hat on your neck when not in use.

Help the hiker in your life avoid sunburns and squinting with a wide brim sun hat. Made of 100% nylon, this hat is breathable, moisture wicking and washable.


A multitool is a great item to have in your daypack or backpack, if only because it has so many uses and does so many thing when on the trail.

Portable Multitool

Whether you need an axe, a hammer, a wire cutter, a screwdriver, or 10 other on-the-fly tools, you are covered with this portable multitool.

This multitool comes in red and green. It’s sturdy and reliable, but best of all, it’s there to help when you in a pinch. It even has a whistle and a fire starter.

Solar Charger

A solar charger is one of the handiest accessories for hikers. It’s the perfect battery back-up to keep up to two phones charged while hiking and camping.

Portable Solar ChargerThis solar charger has a 20,000mAH battery. It can be charged at home before the hike. A solar panel on one side lets the charger receive a solar charge while hiking.

This portable solar charger comes with a carabiner to clip on the outside of a backpack for recharging and a handy flashlight to use in a pinch.

Hiking Waist Pack

A hiking waist pack is a great way to keep essentials handy so you can be hands-free while you hike. This hiking fanny pack has a water-bottle holder, too.

Hiking Fanny PackNo more fumbling to access your water bottle when it’s conveniently located at your waist. This feature also helps take some weight off your shoulders.

This hiking waist pack comes in 13 different colors. An adjustable waist strap makes this pack a fit for waists that range from 18” to 36”.

Gifts for New Hikers

What exactly do you get a new hiker? New hikers need to build up their hiking gear arsenal. These items make perfect gifts to help them do exactly that.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a vital first-item in a new hiker’s arsenal. There are 85 supplies in this kit for treating common cuts and scrapes, as well as minor aches and pains.

Travel First Aid KitThis first aid kit can be put into any daypack compartment or pocket. It has all the basic necessities to perform basic first aid on the trail or at camp.

Some items in this travel-size kit include gloves, gauze, many bandage sizes, alcohol pads, tweezers, a whistle and antiseptic pads.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Everyone could use a collapsible water bottle. This two-pack of BPA-free silicone collapsible water bottles are the perfect addition to any new hiker’s gear kit.

Collapsible Water BottleThe bottles come in several different colors. They also collapse down to 50% of their full size for easy storage once empty.

These bottles can hold up to 500 ml of water. They’re also leak-proof, odor-proof and easy to clean after a hike.

Hydration Pack

A hydration pack is a great gift for new hikers. This hydration pack is a reusable and refillable water bladder that holds up to two liters of water.

Hydration BackpackThe hydration pack sits inside a backpack over the shoulders for easy carrying. It has a durable drinking straw with a capped nozzle to prevent leaking.

The bladder is made from a BPA-free material that’s easy to clean and dry. The front of the pack has a good-size pocket that can store other hiking essentials, too.

Garmin inReach Mini

The Garmin inReach Mini can literally save a life. This satellite communication device can transmit location or send out SOS signals.

Garmin inReach Mini - portable satellite communication deviceHikers can use this device for two-way text messaging when outside of cell phone signal area — which includes many hiking trails.

The Garmin inReach Mini can be used by hikers 24/7 to transmit messages to a search and rescue monitoring center in the event that they get lost or injured.


Anyone who hikes needs a quality headlamp with adjustable brightness and light color settings. This set of two headlamps fits the bill perfectly.

HeadlampThis powerful hands-free LED headlamp has a runtime of up to 10 hours of light on a single set of AAA batteries.

This headlamp has a 45-degree adjustable light with four white-light settings and three red-light settings. An elastic band adjusts to fit any head size.

Hiking Gifts for Her

Most hiking gifts and gear can easily gender-neutral, but if you want to surprise a friend or family member with feminine hiking gifts for her, we’ve got you covered.

Water-Resistant Hiking Pants

Water-resistant hiking pants are great for female hikers. Made from lightweight and breathable materials, these pants dry quickly to keep hikers comfortable.

Women's water resistant hiking pantsThey have elastic cinch-closures at the ankles, deep pockets and an elastic waist and drawstring. They come in 11 different colors, too!

These lightweight pants are perfect for spring and summer hikes. The elastic waistband and stretchy material make them versatile for many sizes.

Winter Hiking Leggings

Staying warm while hiking in winter is all about the appropriate clothing. Material, size and style all play a role. These leggings come in 10 different colors.

Women's winter hiking leggingsThese fleece-lined water-resistant thermal leggings are just right for winter hiking. Layer them or wear them alone. Stretchy material makes sizing a breeze.

These winter hiking leggings come with pockets. This is great for keeping a cell phone handy. Every pair has a soft fleece lining to keep your favorite hiker warm.

Women’s Hiking Socks

You can never go wrong with a gift of winter hiking socks. Socks are always needed, hiking socks especially!

Women's Hiking SocksThese Darn Tough hiking socks are made out of a blend of Merino wool, nylon and spandex. They are also perfect to be worn with standard hiking boots.

These socks are midweight with a cushion, which is a warm and comfortable choice on cold, blustery winter hiking days.  

Hiking Skirt

Skirts are great for hiking. They provide greater range of motion, as well as enhanced breathability and air flow when on the hiking trails.

REI Fleetwith Hiking Skort

There are a range of hiking skirts too, including long skirts, short skirts, skorts, insulated skirts for winter hiking, and everything in between.

For a relaxed look on the trails, the Patagonia Fleetwith skort is a to pick. It comes in 4 colors and 5 sizes. It also has plenty of pockets.

Hike More T-Shirt

This “Hike More, Worry Less” t-shirt is perfect for the female hiking enthusiast in your life. This hiking quote t-shirt is the perfect way to display a love for hiking.

Hike More, Worry Less T-ShirtThis shirt comes in sleeved and sleeveless versions. It’s also available in three different colors for each style.

The machine-washable Hike More, Worry Less t-Shirt comes in sizes from small to 2x to fit any size or style. It’s fun to wear both on and off the trail.

Hiking Dress

Hiking dresses with built-in bras, secure pockets and adjustable straps that are made from moisture-wicking fabrics are perfect for days on the trails.

PrAna Skypath Hiking Dress

PrAna makes excellent outdoor attire. The Skypath dress is no exception. This dress is tank-style with an open back design, which is great for summer days.

This dress is made from a stretch jersey knit and is super comfortable. It comes in 6 colors and patterns in sizes from XS to XL.

Hiking Gifts for Him

Just what do you get the male hiker who has it all? Something from this list! These hiking gifts for him are sure to be a hit with any male hiking enthusiast in your life.

Quick-Dry Hiking Pants

Hiking pants are a great choice for hiking gifts for him. So what makes a great pair of hiking pants? It’s all about the material and the fit!

Men's Quick Dry Hiking PantsThese hiking pants are perfect for moderate hiking weather. They’re lightweight, water-resistant and quick-drying to stay comfortable all day long.

These pants come in 10 different colors. An elastic waist with a zipper fits to many different sizes. Deep zipper pockets ensure nothing falls out or gets lost.

Insulated Hiking Pants

Winter is a great time to hike! It’s easier to see with the leaves off the trees and there are less bugs. But it is cold, so insulated hiking clothing is a must.

Men's Insulated Hiking PantsThese insulated hiking pants for men make a great gift. They have a waterproof and windproof surface. A fleece lining keeps hikers warm and dry in cold weather.

These pants come in a range of colors, including navy blue, dark grey and moss. Six pockets are just right for warming hands or keeping belongings safe and dry.

Men’s Hiking Socks

These Merino wool Darn Tough men’s hiking socks are the perfect gift for the male hikers on your list. They come in six different color variations, too.

These hiking socks are midweight with a cushion. This makes them versatile hiking socks for most weather conditions.

The Darn Tough brand gives their socks a lifetime guarantee. Socks that develop holes, tears or wear will be replaced for free for life. 

Long-Sleeve Hoodie Shirt

This 100% polyester long-sleeve hoodie shirt is perfect to wear on the trail. Made from a moisture wicking material, sweat evaporates to keep hikers cool.

Men's Long Sleeve Hoodie ShirtThe long sleeves can help keep hikers warm or protect skin from harmful UV rays, making this a versatile shirt that can be worn in virtually any season.

This long-sleeve hoodie shirt comes in eight different colors, including dark green, sea blue and white. Sizes range from medium to 3X.

Hiking Gifts for Kids

Know a kid who loves to hike? These hiking gifts for kids are sure to delight them and inspire them to get out on the trail!

Hiking with Kids Virginia Trail Guide

Yes, it’s true, my hiking guidebook that outlines the 52 best trails for kids and families in Virginia makes a fantastic holiday gift or stocking stuffer.

Hiking with Kids Virginia Book

Inside, you’ll find loads of photos, maps and trail descriptions to help you and your family spend time together outdoors.

You’ll find engaging hikes for kids with waterfalls, rock scrambles, water crossings, swimming holes and big overlook views.  

Kid-Size Hiking Daypack

A kid-size hiking daypack is perfect for the hiking kid on the go! This daypack comes in three different colors and has room to store all the hiking essentials.

Osprey Kids Daypack

It features a main compartment, dual-side mesh pockets for water bottles and snacks, a small front pocket and an internal nametag for classroom use.

This hiking daypack also has padded shoulder straps, a breathable mesh vented back material and a chest clip for secure and proper carrying.

Kids Trekking Poles

These kid-sized hiking poles are a great gift for the pint-sized hiker on your list. These poles have wrist straps and easy grip handles for comfort on the trail.

Kids Trekking PolesThe lightweight aluminum hiking poles are adjustable for any height or to grow with your hiker-in-training. They come in four brightly colored and fun designs.

To top it all off, the hiking poles have different tips for hiking in different terrains. They came with their own bag for storage, carrying and protection.

Hiking Shoes

Kids are hard on shoes. That’s a given! Help keep their everyday shoes lasting as long as possible with hiking shoes that are just for hiking.

Hiking Shoes for KidsThese athletic hiking shoes have a no-fuss slip on design with an elastic cinch strap for tightening. They come in 24 different colors and styles.

These hiking shoes are water-resistant and have grippy soles for many terrains and hiking trails. Sizes range from a size 7.5 toddler to size 6 for big kids.

Water Bottle

A fun, colorful water bottle is essential hiking gear for kids and this bottle is perfect to carry in their backpack.

Water Bottles for KidsThese bottles seal nicely. They are also BPA free and virtually unbreakable when dropped on the hiking trail.

Your child should carry their own water bottle, but be sure you pack extra in your own pack in case your child is in need of a refill.


An easy way to make a hike instantly more fun is to bring along a pair of colorful binoculars.

Kids BinocularsThese kid-sized binoculars are drop resistant and come in six different styles and colors. Use them to play I Spy or look at far-off landmarks.

The eye pieces are adjustable and they come with a protective carrying case and a breakaway neck strap. This is a fun gift for your nature explorer.

Walkie Talkies

Make hiking more fun for kids with a set of brightly-colored and rugged walkie talkies. This walkie talkie set comes with three two way radios.

Colorful Kids Walkie TalkiesThe walkie talkies come in fun colors, too. They are great for camping, hiking and all kinds of outdoor adventures. They have a built-in flashlight for after-dark use.

These walkie talkies are drop-resistant and have a 3 km range with 22 different channels for communicating.

Sun Hat

A sun hat is an essential piece of hiking gear for kids when hiking on sunny trails. This sun hat has an elastic drawstring, as well as a chinstrap. 

Kids Sun Hat A sun hat will not only keep the sun out of their eyes, it will also protect them from sunburn on their neck, face, and shoulders.

This wide brim sun hat has UPF 50+ sun protection and mesh panels so their heads stay cool. It also comes in 12 different colors. 

Hiking Gifts for Dogs

Do you love to hike with your dog or know someone who does? These hiking items for dogs are useful and practical. They also make great gifts. Tails will wag!

Dog Backpack

Dogs can carry their own hiking gear with these doggy hiking backpacks! These dog packs are a saddle bag style and come in four different color options.

Dog BackpackThese dog hiking backpacks lets your dog carry snacks, a water bowl and more. You can choose from three different sizes for many kinds of hiking dogs.

Young and healthy doggos can typically safely carry about 25% of their own body weight. These packs are the perfect accessory for getting started.

Reflective Bandana

Keep your dog safe, visible, and fashionable at camp or on the trail with a reflective high-vis bandana. These bandanas come in sizes from XXS to XL.

Reflective Bandana for DogsEach bandana is reversible with a bright-yellow or bright-orange side. They have large reflective circles on each side that illuminate when light shines on them.

Never lose your dog on the trail or at camp again with a reflective and water-resistant high-vis bandana. Your favorite doggo will thank you.

Bear Bell

Hiking in bear country with small animals, like a dog, requires safety precautions. One of those is a bear bell!

Bear BellA bear bell attached to your pooch makes constant noise as your dog wanders the trail. This will help alert any bears in the area of your presence.

The goal is to scare off a bear before any encounters take place. A bear bell helps keep you, your dog and area wildlife safe while you enjoy your hike.

Collapsible Water Bowl

A collapsible water bowl is a must-have accessory for hiking dogs. These collapsible dog bowls are made out of a lightweight, collapsible silicone material.

Dogs should drink lots of water while hiking. Collapsible water bowls fold down flat for easy carrying. A carabiner allows you to clip the bowl to a backpack.

These water bowls easy to use and easy to clean, too. They come in a two-pack and are available in 26 colors and two sizes.

Winter Hiking Gifts

Winter hiking requires special gear to keep hikers warm and safe. If you know someone who loves cold-weather hiking, take a look at these winter hiking gifts.


Kahtoola Microspikes are perfect for hiking, backpacking and trail running in winter weather. They are made for gaining traction in icy, mountainous terrain.

Microspikes for Winter HikingThese winter hiking spikes are durable and built to last with welded stainless steel chains. Chains provide grip and prevent snow buildup

They’re also highly flexible. These spikes slip securely over the toe and heel of hiking boot. The harness remains flexible in temps as low as -30 degrees F.

Leg Gaiters

Waterproof leg gaiters are a must-have hiking accessory for cold weather and snowy hiking. A breathable inner membrane keep legs dry and warm.

Leg GaitersLeg gaiters fasten securely over the top of hiking boots. These leg gaiters feature a cinching strap at the top to hold them in place.

A two-inch wide seamless Velcro closure from top to bottom prevents rain and snow from entering but makes them easy to put on and take off.

Heated Vest

What more could you ask for when hiking on a cold wintry afternoon than a vest that actually produces its own heat?

Heated VestThis heated vest has three temperature levels. A rechargeable battery bank can run up to 8 hours on a single charge to warm your core while on a winter hike.

There are nine heating elements, including six on the back and two near the front pockets to keep your hands cozy. There is also one in the neck area.

Neck Gaiter

A neck gaiter is a perfect gift for winter hiking. These versatile gaiters can be worn over the neck, the neck and face, the ears, or over the head as a beanie.

Neck GaiterThese gaiters come in six or nine packs and have a variety of color options and designs. They are stylish, too.

Neck gaiters make the perfect accessory to pair with any hiking outfit while keeping hikers warm at the same time. The material is stretchy and comfortable.

Winter Thermal Gloves

Gloves are a must-have when hiking in cold weather. These winter thermal gloves are unisex. They are great for hiking, running or any active outdoor adventures.

Winter Themal GlovesThese winter hiking gloves are made of a windproof polyester and waterproof material with a thermal fleece lining. An elastic cuff allows for a snug fit.

As a bonus, fingertip pads allow you to keep your warm gloves on and still be able to tap and swipe your cell phone with ease.

Hand & Toe Warmers

Hot Hands hand and toe warmers should be an essential part of any winter or cold weather hiker or camper’s gear arsenal.

Hot Hands Hand WarmersThese little hot packets heat up when exposed to air. They’re perfect for holding in hands, even putting in pockets or gloves.

Put the toe warmers in hiking boots to keep the toes warm on the trail. The warmers heat up in 15 minutes and provide ample heat for up to ten hours.

Gifts for Backpackers

The best gifts for backpackers are practical and useful, but also compact and lightweight. These items make great gifts for the backpackers or hikers in your life.

Backpacking Stove

This lightweight MSR PocketRocket backpacking stove kit is the perfect gift for backpackers. The canister stove can boil one liter of water in 3.5 minutes.

Backpacking Stove KitThe kit comes with a nested cookware set, which includes a 2-liter aluminum pot, 2 deep dish bowls, 2 double-insulated mugs, a strainer lid and two sporks.

The entire kit weighs just 25.8 ounces. All the cookware in this backpacking stove kit nests into the aluminum pot to save space.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This portable Bluetooth speaker is a great gift for the backpacker who loves to listen to music and podcasts. It’s JBL brand, so the sound is top quality.

Portable Bluetooth SpeakerThis speaker connects to your phone via Bluetooth. A carabiner clip securely attaches this 9.6 ounce speaker to any backpack.

A 1000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers this portable Bluetooth speaker. A single charge is enough for up to 10 hours of continuous playtime.

Water Filtration System

The Sawyer water filtration system is the perfect gift for backpackers who need a way to filter water on the trail.

Water Filtration SystemThis tiny water filter weighs just two ounces and removes 99.9999% of all bacteria, protozoa and microplastics from water with its 0.1 micron inline filter.

With this water filter, a backpacker can fill any standard water bottle from a stream or lake and attach the filter to the top for clean drinking water anywhere.

Slip-On Camp Shoes

These slip-on camp shoes are perfect gift for a backpacker to wear at camp. After a long day of hiking, it’s feels great to take off your hiking boots to air out and dry.

Slip-On Camp ShoesYet, you want something on your feet. These slip-ons are light enough to not add much extra weight to the backpack, but comfy enough to wear outside at camp.

They’re also great to wear in water for short periods. They’re made of a waterproof material and have drainage holes throughout the shoes.

Sleeping Bag

This mummy sleeping bag is a must for any backpacker. This sleeping bag packs down small for easy transport. It also weights just 3.6 pounds.

Mummy-Style Sleeping BagThe material is water repellent to help protect against windy and wet conditions. This sleeping bag is great for sleeping in trail shelters, tents, or hammocks.

There are different colors and temperature ratings to choose from: from 32 to 15 degrees F. The bag is long too and can accommodate a hiker up to 6′ 6″ tall.

Sleeping Bag Liner

A sleeping bag liner is like a sheet set for backpackers. It slips inside the sleeping bag to keep hikers warm at night. It also keeps a sleeping bag clean and dry.

A sleeping bag liner can be used in addition to a sleeping bag for added warmth. It can also be used on its own when backpacking in warm weather.

This sleeping bag liner folds down into a compact 8” by 6” carrying bag. It also weighs just 11.64 ounces.

Backpacking Tent

When backpacking, weight and size are everything. This backpacking tent is a perfect gift for a backpacker who needs a new (or upgraded) tent.

Backpacking TentKelty is a trusted name in outdoor gear. This backpacking tent comes with a single door and is made of no-see-um mesh with a tough, water-resistant floor fabric.

This one-person, three-season tent packs down to a minimum weight of 3 lbs, 5 oz. Pre-bent poles allow for easy setup and take down.

Inflatable Camping Pillow

An inflatable camping pillow is for backpackers who want a pillow for sleeping but don’t have room or weight capacity to lug around a traditional pillow. Who does?

Inflatable Camping PillowThis inflatable backpacking pillow has an ergonomic design and anti-slip rubber dots on the back to keep it in place all night long.

It folds down to 5×2 inches and weighs only 3.9oz. The pillow inflates with just five to eight breaths and has an inflated size of 16 x 12 x 4 inches.

Outdoor Coffee Maker

Coffee-loving backpackers will love a gift of an outdoor French press coffee maker! This coffee maker makes the perfect cup of coffee.

Outdoor French Press Coffee MakerIt’s also lightweight and durable enough to use on the trail with a backpacking camping stove. It weighs 7.7 ounces and can hold 25.3oz of water or coffee.

This outdoor coffee maker can be used to make coffee or boil water for any other use, such as for tea or soup.

Sleeping Pad

For backpackers, an inflatable sleeping pad is a must-have. This sleeping pad makes comes in insulated and uninsulated versions and in a variety of sizes, too.

Yellow Inflatable Sleeping PadThis sleeping pad has one-way inflation for simple and easy inflation. It also has an anti-microbial treatment to prevent microorganism growth.

The insulated version is great for cool weather camping and backpacking. Meanwhile, the uninsulated version is ideal for backpacking in summer months.

Outside Magazine Subscription

An Outside magazine subscription is a great gift for any hiker or backpacking enthusiast. This magazine features articles that focus on hiking and adventure.

Outside Magazine

Outside goes beyond hiking and backpacking, too. Inside you’ll also find the latest on rock climbing, mountain biking, culture and environmental issues.

Plus, look for gear reviews, wilderness and survival tips and destination overviews. This magazine is sure to inspire any backpacker or hiker on your list.

Bear Canister

A bear canister is a must-have safety item for backpackers who hike or backpack in bear country, like Shenandoah National Park.

Bear CanisterA bear canister is a lightweight bearproof container for storing food and scented items away from camp as not to attract bears.

These bear canisters have been grizzly and black bear tested. They are approved by the NPS and national forest agencies for use in the backcountry.

Backpacking Chair

Backpackers need somewhere to sit at camp, so this lightweight and compact camping chair makes a great gift.

Portable Backpacking ChairThis foldable lightweight camping chair packs down small for easy transport. It weighs just two pounds and folds down into a 14” storage bag.

This chair deploys in seconds and provides a comfortable and quick seat at camp after a long day on the trail. This chair has two side pockets for holding small gear.

FAQs About Hiking Gifts

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers! Here are some frequently asked questions about hiking and hiking gifts.

What is a good gift for someone who likes hiking?

The best gift for someone that loves hiking should be durable, useful and practical.

Great gifts for hikers can include outdoor gear like trekking poles or daypacks, or tech gear like solar power banks and rechargeable hand warmers.

What should I buy for an avid hiker?

Avid hikers often have everything they need for the trail, but you can still get them thoughtful gifts that they’ll love and use!

A daypack is a good idea, and you can never go wrong with socks or hand warmers. Maybe accessories that showcase a love for hiking and the outdoors.

What is a good gift for a female hiker?

A good gift for a female hiker is something useful and practical. You can never go wrong with hiking clothes.

Tactical pants, thermal wear and warm hiking socks all make great gifts for the female hikers in your life.

If you’re unsure of their size, socks or stretchy leggings are a great go-to gift. Here are top picks for gifts for female hikers.

What should every hiker carry on a hike?

Every hiker should carry six to ten essential items on a hike. The essential six items include:

  • A first aid kit
  • A water bottle
  • A flashlight or headlamp
  • Trail food
  • Sun protection like sunblock, hats and clothing
  • A whistle

Additional essential items to carry include:

I hope you found a lot of smart gift ideas for hikers and backpackers in your life. Enjoy your time out on the hiking trails. I hope to see you soon!